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Paul rated it it was amazing Jul 15, Fred Pittman rated it really liked it Jan 20, Ruhollah Sayyah rated it it was amazing Jun 27, Alberto Godoy Eyzaguirre rated it it was amazing Oct 23, James rated it it was amazing Oct 23, Bahhaj rated it it was amazing Jan 09, Deep and detailed history This first volume makes the early years of Baha'u'llah's dispensation come alive. It adds fascinating context to His early writings.

Brian Burriston rated it it was amazing Jul 18, Andrei rated it it was amazing May 19, Legaroobiny Arikrishnan rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Anisa Smith rated it it was amazing Dec 04, Linda rated it it was amazing Feb 13, Arvindran rated it it was amazing Apr 16, Carla rated it it was amazing Feb 20, Arthur rated it it was amazing Oct 26, Jack Bush rated it really liked it Feb 21, Hamid rated it it was amazing Dec 06, RedemptionMn rated it it was amazing Mar 25, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


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Not only is this true in the spiritual sense; outwardly the Manifestation of God is endowed with a power and authority which are inherent in Him. They laughed at Moses because He was a stammerer, and jeered at Christ because, in their estimation, He had no father. The barbarous people of Arabia, at the time of Muhammad, laughed at Him, also, because of His inability to beget an heir! Even His enemies became humble when they came in contact with His person. The Faith was regarded as a heresy and its adherents ran the risk of losing their lives if they openly declared their faith.

Through His majesty which was born of God the enemies of the Cause were humbled. There he overheard a disparaging remark about the Faith from some men who were attached to the household of the Prince. How much less, then, would they be affected by the Prince's opposition.

Baha'u'llah's Surah of the Companions - Introduction

He walked among them, sat with them and poured out His affection and bounties upon them. Although He did not disclose His station to them, yet multitudes of people from all walks of life were attracted to His person and longed to attain His presence, to hear His words, or even catch a glimpse of Him as He walked in the streets or paced along the bank of the Tigris rapt in meditation. These two were honoured with the appellations of 'King of the Martyrs' and 'Beloved of the Martyrs' by His pen.

Then His majesty and greatness were evident to both friend and foe. But soon it became apparent that His house was too small for the purpose. On the first day He declared His Mission to His companions. People of all walks of life, men and women, rich and poor, young and old, men of learning and culture, princes, government officials, tradesmen and workers, and above all His companions, thronged the approaches of His house and crowded the streets and roof-tops situated along His route to the river.

They were lamenting and weeping the departure of One Who, for a decade, had imparted to them the warmth of His love and the radiance of His spirit, Who had been a refuge and guide for them all. For some time He stood there, amid the weeping and lamentations of His loved ones, speaking words of comfort and promising to receive each of them in the garden later.

Nature of Revelation - Baha'u'llah/Death and the Afterlife - Hooper Dunbar - Austin, TX - 2011

In such an atmosphere, where emotions had been so deeply stirred, this action on the part of a small child moved the hearts and brought further grief to everyone. The scenes of lamentation and weeping outside the house, of those who did not confess to be His followers, were no less spectacular and heart-rending. Everyone in the crowded street sought to approach Him. Some prostrated themselves at His feet, others waited to hear a few words, yet others were content with a touch of His hands, a glance at His face.

A Persian lady. These demonstrations continued all the way to the bank of the river. With you it now rests to watch lest your deeds and conduct dim the flame of love that gloweth within the breasts of its Inhabitants. The identity of others who may have accompanied Him, or of those in the garden who had pitched His tent and were making preparations for His arrival, or of those who might have followed Him on that day, is not clearly known.

The fragrance of the roses and the singing of the nightingales created an atmosphere of beauty and enchantment. Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By , p. One thing, however, is clear.

The whole day He was occupied with important affairs, which culminated in the Declaration of His Mission--the most momentous event of His ministry. One of the differences between the Manifestation of God and. Under such circumstances, even men of outstanding ability show their weakness and reveal their incompetence.

Their minds can cope only with one problem at a time, and they often seek the help of experts and advisers when they make a decision. This is not so with the Manifestation of God. In the first place, He acts independently and no individual can ever assist Him. His soul is not bound by the limitations of the world of humanity and His mind is not overwhelmed when He is faced with a large number of simultaneous problems. In the midst of calamities, when the ablest of men succumb under pressure, He can remain detached and channel His thoughts to whatever He desires.

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Their thoughts must have been focused only upon that momentous statement. He was a man of wealth and culture, highly respected by his fellow citizens, who reposed such trust in him that they would deposit their savings with him and often exchange his receipts. He decided to take immediate action, and ordered the army to wipe out the newly-formed community and kill its leader.

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There he rebuked the authorities for their tyranny and blindness and called on them to investigate and embrace the new-born Faith of God. So penetrating were his words that the Governor and his men were confounded by the force of his argument. Recognizing the profundity of his knowledge and the sincerity of his beliefs, the Governor be.

Within three days, through deceit and treachery, the Governor succeeded in evacuating the fort. But its heroic defenders walked into a trap, and most were massacred by the army. The story of his life adorns the pages of the history of the Cause and the example he has left will guide and inspire countless generations throughout the ages.

He recounts, at some length, the events which led to the incarceration of the believers and lauds their heroism, self-sacrifice, and eventual martyrdom.