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His life is filled with real characters, as the expression goes: Nymphomaniac Jasmine is leading Josh toward the altar, while the pregnant Babe has escaped to Kansas, leaving Winnie to handle Hamilton House alone. Freshman Sarah changes lifestylesagainand lesbian lovers Stephanie and Judy want to experience motherhood.

Jack Mclaughlin

Mysterious Michael and his mother, the evil vice chancellor, continue their hatred toward each other. Asias bordello past and a murder put her future and the chancellors reputation in danger. Former boarder Ainsley Bassette reappears on the scene; Bessie faces a life-or-death operation; and now, Trojans fighting a deadly battle with coyotes. Toss in a little naked windsurfing on Southern California beaches and a trip to Disneyland, and youve got another exciting installment of wacky mR.

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Mayor Sain—fifty, gangly, black hair—sits on the back of a white stallion with his arms around a gorgeous brunette wearing a cowgirl outfit, her breasts peeking through cut-out circles and shiny tassels dangling from her nipples. He waves with both arms as the horse weaves through the dense traffic and crushing crowd. Two cowboys wearing red bandanas, black hats, and six-shooters raise their weapons and fire blanks in the air, parting the crowd. The crowd lets the horse through to the wooden sidewalk and the front door. Mayor Sain slides off the back just before the horse lets loose a torrent of feces and piss.

Uniformed Storey County Sheriff Salisbury—fifty, balding, paunchy, wearing a revolver and a belt with mace and a long baton—grabs Mayor Sain by the arm. The son of Lex Barker, of old time Tarzan and foreign movie fame, Alexander Barker—sixty, tall, wearing a toupee, international news personality—enters from across the room to a ripple of applause. Barker sits down and the last touches of makeup are applied to his tanned face by a young, female assistant wearing skin tight jeans.

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He clears his throat and shuffles through papers. A tall, balding man wearing a headset holds up fingers, signaling five, four, three, two, and one, before pointing at Barker. And, we want to thank the Storey County sheriff for allowing this interview to be held in a famous saloon and not in the jail, so that our viewers can get a taste of what the environment in which this murder occurred looks and feels like.

Miss Asia—". This bizarre case has drawn international attention to this little, almost forgotten piece of American history. People around the globe want to hear all the details you two are willing to reveal. Who are you?