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Can I grow anything besides cannabis and marijuana? When you purchase your grow room pod with a GrowLink Computer Control Package and install in on your property, the LED lighting can be custom programmed for growing a wide variety of crops. Yes, sealed, because you can regulate and control CO2 levels, control the humidity levels, and minimize the danger of mold, contaminants and insects for any type of strain or crop.

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Well, exactly that…it can be moved anywhere via flatbed truck or train. Just disconnect the electrical and water supplies and it can be transported to an alternative location. Nursery PODS. Additionally, each extrusion has an integral T-Slot for convenient attachment of components and user-designated accessories, Epoxy, slip resistant floor coating in both classified space and non-classified area.

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Introducing The stackable Farm of the Future. The results are a significantly higher yield in a shorter time than all conventional production methods. A positive pressure environment creates a natural barrier against pests and disease. It is a mobile classroom, offering students the opportunity to learn more about controlled environment, technology-based production and sustainability with an added bonus of providing fresh healthy vegetables to those students.

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It is an educational tool and a mobile research center as well and provides an opportunity for technology-based production under many different circumstances, often difficult, including harsh climates and remote environments. The FlowerPOD Working with a tight budget? Leasing your space? FlowerPod is the answer. Consider the mobile chassis option. We provide both a portable and permanent solution for your cultivation needs.

All home installations will start with this package.

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This is a modular wireless home control system which gives you the freedom to choose from any of our installed packages at any time starting with our Home System pack. We can work with you on any Individual Projects or special requirements.

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Please contact us to arrange a free no obligation home survey at your convenience. Monitor By Web also install custom LED lighting packages that are indistinguishable from the original lights already installed in your home.

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The big benefit of having this new lighting is the saving you will make off your utility bills. Early warning systems monitor water levels using Industrial IoT sensors. Smart Cities on the east coast like Virginia are ready and have already deployed flood monitoring systems. Have You?

Water quality is safer in some communities than others. How is Your water for you and your family? Around the US, communities near Santa Barbara, California, have reported clean water that meets or exceeds water quality standards. Years after the Flint, Michigan, water quality crisis, the doctor who exposed the problems now has a book about the dangerous water events. Even today, communities in New York have had high water demand leading to problems with dirty, brown water flowing out of the taps that is dangerous to consume.

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And as the next school year starts, schools in Flint will be using water jugs instead of water fountains. While some communities and cities, e. These systems help water management districts, municipalities, and smart cities to better serve citizens and keep families safe. As water becomes a more important resource for you and your community, our world grows its needs for effective water monitoring systems.

Monitoring pH, Temp, and EC/TDS in Aquaponics!

Here are a few curious stories that we recently found intriguing. Is California moving towards better water management? How is water management related to blockchain technology? Have a look at this story for more on how blockchain can help water resources management and distribution.

Dangerous levels of lead contaminated the water supply after the city switched to using the local river as a water source. Who controls the water cycle? The latest science research says that vegetation regulates and controls the future of our water cycle.

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Vegetation plays a more critical role than we may have thought, when on water stress and our water resources. New water testing equipmen t in San Diego, California, is being installed to have automatic, precise, real-time water measurement readings. Since the California drought emergency has been called off by an executive order, are communities back to using as much water as before the drought?

This story has more about how folks may have become lazy when it comes to water conservation, and what this means for you and your family. How do organization effectively monitor water wells, pumps, and water levels? How can natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding affect aquifer and water well health? Hurricane Harvey caused widespread damage in the US, especially in Texas. Many residents in various communities have had private water wells damaged by flooding and needed new tanks and water well systems. Fluorocarbons used at airports and for fire fighting foams can also end up in water wells and reek havoc on communities like this one in Minnesota.

Being cost-effective with your water management is key, as damaged water wells can cost thousands of dollars for government agencies, businesses, companies, and other organizations. You might now be wondering…. You may already know that monitoring water wells and levels requires seamless integration of sensors like pressure transducers, pumps, and level sensors made by various hardware manufacturers like Flowline , In-Situ , McCrometer , EKM Metering , Eno Scientific , and Senix.

As you see in the photos here, production groundwater wells are effectively managed and monitored remotely with maps and webpage dashboards. You can quickly and easily answer questions like:. What exactly is IoT?