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Second, those referred by friends and relatives tend to earn less at their new job and be less engaged than those referred by business associates. Women of any race and men of color are much less likely to receive referrals than their white male counterparts: White women are 12 percent less likely, men of color are 26 percent less likely, and women of color are 35 percent less likely to receive a referral, PayScale found. Read more. It takes just a few minutes to connect two people who might benefit from knowing each other, and the results sometimes change the world.

Studies suggest that in the U. Part of the beauty of introductions is that anyone can make them. In the realm of recruiting, introductions i. On the other hand, referrals are especially valuable to women and minorities as a means of getting their foot in the door, which is why companies like Accenture and Pinterest use diversity referrals as a tool to boost inclusion, deliberately encouraging employees to refer candidates from underrepresented backgrounds. Researchers have long known that referrals surface better job candidates. Referred candidates are more likely to get call backs, more likely to be hired, and more likely to stay at the company.

Furthermore, they had a pretty good theory about why referrals work. Most hiring is a blind date, and referrals are an introduction. They give both sides a little bit more certainty and information about fit. They work because they yield better fits. Although they account for only six percent of total applications, referrals now result in more than a quarter of all hires at large companies, according to a recent paper from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and MIT.

But while referrals are extremely useful, they can create their own problems. Many industries—tech and media, for starters—are infamous for disproportionately hiring white, upper-middle class young men who went to elite colleges. This topped the list of what other networkers wanted to see. Networking is about how you can help others, not just how the relationship or organization can help you. Positive attitude. This might go without saying, but more people are attracted to upbeat people. In turn, they then want to help them.

Help others and be collaborative.

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This harks back to No. Even if there is no specific task, an e-mailed article you think might be helpful or a follow-up e-mail or call just to check in builds a relationship. Survey respondents said that since a networking relationship might lead to a referral, they want to trust that a networker is steering them in the right direction. Be ready to mingle at an event and enthustiatically greet people who approach.

Sincerity and authenticity. It actually helps when people know you are being yourself and have a genuine interest or concern.

While networking is not a new concept, it can still be daunting for people to reach out and talk to people outside their immediate contacts. To help students, advisers try to frame networking as a chance for students to build a support system and share who they are and what they are curious about.

Even with the advent of social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, nothing beats in-person interaction, said Lang, who has more than 17 years of experience teaching networking and job-searching classes. Having friends know you are looking for a job also is helpful. They can pass on leads.

The centers offer free classes, workshops and hands-on training to help job seekers find employment as well as help businesses find workers. DEED also provides a directory of job clubs, groups of job hunters that provide networking and support for each other. All new students get a career readiness guide.

Informal Referrals, Employment and Wages: Seeking Causal Directions

Students are encouraged to join professional associations in their fields of interest. Students and job seekers in general should find the form of networking they are most comfortable with, whether that is one-on-one informational meetups or large networking events. For more information about networking, visit mn. Nicole Norfleet covers commercial real estate along with professional services, including the Twin Cities' thriving marketing, accounting, and legal communities.

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