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As you are aware, a migraine is a debilitating form of a headache.

Migraine Relief Hypnosis | SuccessMinds®

If you are reading this then it is quite likely that you are someone who suffers already, and are looking for help after trying many different drugs, and perhaps natural foods and remedies. You already know that various triggers can produce the onset of your migraine. However, reducing the likelihood of a migraine occurring and getting rid of one once it occurs, can be challenging.

Hypnosis for Headaches & Migraine Relief ASMR Voice Only Relaxation (New Edit)

Studies have been conducted showing that hypnotherapy can be beneficial to the migraine sufferer. In many studies, hypnosis has been shown to be more beneficial than medications. Common triggers of migraines include hormonal changes, stress, food, changes in sleep patterns, medications, and changes in the surrounding environment.

Migraine Relief

A migraine can last for 4 to 72 hours, but frequency varies greatly. Mark Powlett Hypnotherapy helping you to make the changes you desire. Where is that?

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Okay, the temple areas of your head. Now give the feelings in that area of your body a voice. Let it speak. This is just the beginning of the emotional exploration, however. Next we use these words and the light they shed on the underlying dynamics at work to go back to the source of this behavior pattern, back in age regression. The headache became his ticket out of a hopelessly difficult situation, and he unconsciously began using it more and more often.

And with the help of the adult ego state, that seven year old will always come up with creative solutions. Or maybe I will replace the analog clock on the wall with a digital one. And perhaps it is an option that his adult no longer chooses.

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  • This new insight, and the freedom experienced retroactively, bring the client relief from the dread that these familiar headaches are inevitable, that they are a mortal enemy lurking in his head waiting to pounce anytime. Reaching such a realization on the visceral level, not just intellectually, is possible only through accessing the creativity of the subconscious mind. It is very common for patients to go to doctors or to the local drug store or to the medicine cabinet for relief.

    They do not often think of going to their therapist to work with physical issues such as headaches.

    Migraine Relief Hypnosis

    However, hypnotherapy clients know quite well that every physical symptom they experience has the potential to be healed with hypnotherapy. As a medical journalist I am generally sceptical of so-called complementary therapies, always insisting on clear evidence of effectiveness in scientific trials for all treatments whether orthodox medicine or alternatives. I was lured into writing about mesmerism — effectively hypnosis — by the extraordinary true story of the teenage Okey sisters, who enthralled Victorian London.

    Watched by journalists, scientists and dignitaries, the girls would sing, cavort and dance, lift heavy weights and withstand electric shocks when mesmerised.

    Their doctor, Professor John Elliotson, was convinced the effects were caused by magnetic waves; his colleagues were equally certain that he was being hoodwinked. Researching the story, I reluctantly came to the conclusion that I needed to try hypnotism for myself - though I remained highly sceptical that it would work and deeply resistant to the idea of giving up control.

    As with most people, my understanding of hypnosis had been influenced by stage shows featuring dark-suited men who persuaded hapless volunteers to undress or eat raw onions. Although much about hypnosis is still unexplained, studies suggest about 90 per cent of us are susceptible. Scans reveal that people under hypnosis show a unique pattern of brain activity although whether this is a special state — a trance — is hotly debated.

    Wendy Moore: How hypnosis cured my headaches

    However, although most studies are too small or poorly conducted to be accepted as strong evidence, there is good reason to believe hypnosis can help break habits such as smoking and overeating, treat symptoms of certain conditions such as anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome and relieve pain. Some even use hypnosis instead of chemical anaesthesia for surgery or dental procedures. How hypnosis works, whether through meditation, suggestion, placebo effect or something else, remains a mystery.

    Finally I took the plunge. The session was reassuringly down-to-earth. There was no couch, no swinging watch, no command to look into her eyes.