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With escorts approaching on the port bow and beam and a destroyer closing on the port quarter, Tang rang up full speed and headed for open water. On the morning of 24 October, Tang began patrolling at periscope depth. On approaching the island, the submarine's surface search radar showed so many blips that it was almost useless.

Tang soon [ clarification needed ] identified a large convoy which contained tankers with planes on their decks and transports with crated planes stacked on their bows and sterns. As the submarine tracked the Japanese ships along the coast, the convoy's escorts became suspicious, and the escort commander began signaling with a large searchlight.

This illuminated the convoy, and Tang chose a large three-deck transport as her first target, a smaller transport as the second, and a large tanker as the third. After firing two torpedoes at each target, the submarine paralleled the convoy to choose its next victims. She fired stern torpedoes at another transport and tanker aft. As Tang poured on full speed to escape the gunfire directed at her, a destroyer passed around the stern of the transport and headed for the submarine.

The tanker exploded, and a hit was seen on the transport. A few seconds later, the destroyer exploded, either from intercepting Tang ' s third torpedo or from shell fire of two escorts closing on the beam. Only the transport remained afloat, dead in the water. At on the morning of 25 October, the 24th and last torpedo a Mark 18 electric torpedo was fired. It broached and curved to the left in a circular run. Tang fishtailed under emergency power to clear the turning circle of the torpedo, but it struck her abreast the after torpedo room approximately 20 seconds after it was fired.

The ship went down by the stern with the aft three compartments flooded. Of the nine officers and men on the bridge, including O'Kane, [23] three were able to swim through the night until picked up eight hours later. One officer escaped from the flooded conning tower and was rescued with the others.

The escape was delayed by a Japanese patrol which dropped depth charges, and started an electrical fire in the forward battery. Beginning at AM on 25 October, using the Momsen Lung , "the only known case" where it was used, [23] thirteen men escaped from the forward torpedo room. O'Kane stated, "When we realized that our clubbing and kickings were being administered by the burned, mutilated survivors of our handiwork, we found we could take it with less prejudice.

Tang was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on 8 February This was unequaled among American submarines. For the film, SS is named Tiger Shark. Tang was the subject of two episodes of the syndicated television anthology series The Silent Service , which aired during the — season. The two episodes depict Tang' s second and fifth patrols. Tang is one of several submarines along with the era's USS Bowfin , Growler , Seawolf , and Spadefish whose war patrols can be re-enacted in the MicroProse computer game Silent Service and the game's various ports, including Konami 's release for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Visitors enter into a simulated re-creation of the sub, are given a card corresponding to one of the 87 men who crewed the boat during its fifth and final patrol, and are assigned a station to crew.

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The events of 24—25 October are depicted on an overhead screen, while the visitor "crew" is given tasks to complete. The recreation includes the circular run of the 24th torpedo, which returned to hit Tang and sink the boat. Upon exiting the simulator, visitors see a wall with pictures of the crew, and can find out if the sailor associated with their card survived the attack.

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Jack; Roberts, Stephen S. Register of Ships of the U. Navy, — Major Combatants. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press. Jack ; Roberts, Stephen S. Westport, Connecticut : Greenwood Press. Submarines Through pp.

'In Harm’s Way': America’s Greatest Submarine Commander

Arlington National Cemetery Web Site. September Read it as a teenager and reread it about a year ago. May 18, Wanda rated it really liked it. Fortunately, I found a copy at the book exchange in the medical library up the hill. When I saw that it was pages long and written by an admiral, I thought gawd this is going to be a long, slow slog. But it wasn't. It surely wasn't.

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I enjoy practical details of lives and jobs, skills and professions, and this book is full of all that. Now I can conceive of just what it was like to be on board a fleet submarine on patrol in I know that the sound of the sea rushing past the pressure hull, muted by the ballast tanks, resembled that of a plunging waterfall as you lay in your bunk listening to it.

I know that the 4-inch, caliber deck gun could fire one round every seven seconds. I know that a torpedo fired at 1, yards, traveling at 46 knots, requires 58 seconds to reach its target.

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I know I liked the author's understated, professional style. Give me the facts and lots of them, my imagination can fill in the rest very well. Good book. Dec 28, Scott rated it it was amazing. Best account of submarine operations during WWII. Exciting and technically accurate. I am a nuclear submariner.

Not sure I would have had the guts to do the kinds of extended combat these brave m Best account of submarine operations during WWII. Greatest generation indeed. Jun 19, Al rated it really liked it Shelves: world-war-ii , memoirs , military-history. Pretty good read. I'd always thought that submarines made their attack from underwater so I learned something new. What luck though!

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Five dangerous patrols and then things went haywire with the very last torpedo in Japanese waters. It's a wonder anyone survived. Highly recommended. Aug 07, Scott rated it it was amazing Shelves: history. A classic on the Submarine warfare in the Pacific. The book does go into great detail on how an individual sub operated in the War Zone and how it attacked various enemy ships. A great read and a book I can read over and over. I learned a great deal about submarine warfare from this book.

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  • Amazing story about an amazing sub with a legendary captain. Read this book. Aug 16, Andrew Sergi rated it really liked it. It seams to be, that most first person Submarine experience books are good, this one does fall into that category. A good book written by a brave man, who led brave men. The only, churlish, criticism I have is that the book in parts is long winded, also a bit repetitive. A lot of the detailed information could have been put in an appendix.

    May 17, David L. Awesome story! This is by far one of the best WW II books about submarine warfare that has ever been written. The story about the USS Tang are legendary. Aug 26, Scott Foshee rated it it was amazing Shelves: adventure , american-history , memoir , boats , war , history , tech.

    You get a card before you go in identifying you as one of the actual crew members, doing his job during an attack and seeing at the end if you were lost at sea or rescued.