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Social Cognition , 21, Embracing the bitter "truth": Negative self-concepts and marital commitment. Psychological Science, 3, The fleeting gleam of praise: Behavioral reactions to self-relevant feedback. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 59, Should we create a niche or fall in line?

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Identity negotiation and small group effectiveness. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Finding value in diversity: Verification of personal and social self-views in diverse groups. Academy of Management Review, 29, Social Cognition, 21, Intimates as agents of social support: Sources of consolation or despair? Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 49, Why people self-verify. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 62, Wiesenfeld, B. Is More Fairness Always Preferred? Academy of Management Journal, 50, Wood, J.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory: Self-esteem differences in the experience and anticipation of success.

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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 89, Psychological Science, 20, - Too often, self affirmation courses are being sold to the unwitting users who become far worse off than when they began. You are right in postulating the lack of self esteem as a prominent cause of the failure with the use of self affirmations.

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I know of many successes personally but I also know of many more people who give up on self affirmations simply because of the lack of the 2 points above. Whether there are 'standards' applied to the industry or not, I find that it is the care, the mentorship, the friendship It is extremely sad but working at a school I see self-esteem problems daily. You can try to lift them up as much as possible and it still does nothing to improve their way of thinking.

I know myself that I can think I am capable and lovable all day long but it is not going to change the way I feel. My evil cousin was Donald Trump's first—maybe only—teacher. An investigator of the palliative effects of psychedelics gives his perspective.

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What does an increasingly online social world mean for the socially anxious? Back Psychology Today. Back Find Counselling. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. The Simplicity Trap. Guest Blogger The Guest Room. The Danger of Self-Affirmation Self-affirmation isn't a good idea for everyone. Cheerful pessimism is the way forward. Questions I often ask are: a where are the experts who are supposed to mentor their clients?

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Get Listed Today. However, your affirmation should ideally be something that you can use for a long period of time. You want something that you can repeat to yourself on a daily, if not hourly basis so that it becomes embedded in your thought process and changes the way you think. You absolutely do. You still deserve to have the things you want and reminding yourself of that will motivate you to work harder to get them. It can be helpful to remember that fact every day. This one can be applied to almost any goal you have in your life—from getting into college to being a better parent.

Reminding yourself that you can and will achieve your goals will enable you to start taking steps toward doing so. Envision the best version of yourself and strive to become that.

You may want to start simple. Choose one aspect of your personality that you want to change and list some actionable steps you can take toward changing it. Repeating the affirmation to yourself every day will remind you to take those steps. Committing to self-improvement will be good for your mental health. When you first get out of rehab, after all, the temptation to go right back to using is a strong one. They may be jealous of your newfound sobriety and want to see you fail. This affirmation is especially useful for addicts, whose knee-jerk reaction to adversity might be to relapse on drugs.

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  4. Post-addiction life can be tough. You might have to make amends for your past actions. You might not have a job.

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    You might feel completely lost. No matter what the case is, remember that things will get better. As long as you keep making good choices, your life will improve over time. The things that happened in the past are meaningless now.