Manual Sickness and Divine Healing: What the Bible Really Teaches

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The answer is tricky unless you are a born again Christian. He blessed anyone that came to him given they believed, Mark ; Luke As a Pastor, I have eye-witnessed God healing many people regardless of their religion. Whether you are a Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or even an atheist I am sure God will heal you if you just believe. So if you are an unbeliever what matters most is not what you must do in order to be healed but what will you do with Jesus after you are healed.

There are few things born again Christians can do if healing takes longer than their faith permits.

Divine Healing – A Scriptural and Practical Approach

Be sure you are in a right relationship with God and others, Ephesians ; Matthew Confession is a very powerful act of God that destroys the bondage of sin and its consequences, James Therefore choose a mature Christian leader whom you can be transparent with and confess. You will have your miracle. Jesus told the man born blind to wash from the pool of Siloam. Another inconvenient task for a blind man but he could see as soon as he followed the instructions, John Both of these incidents record a sense of persistence and God was glorified in both occasions, John ; 2 Kings Jesus also provided us with very clear instructions in this regard, Luke ; Matthew The point is when we are not persistent we are being disobedient and disobedience thrashes the miracle.

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Nothing much can be said about this accept healing actually belongs to God and in his sovereignty decides what to do with it. Skeptics call this blind faith, but the human mind simply cannot fathom the way God works. Anything is possible with God if we just believe. I agree to be emailed to confirm my subscription to this list.

Healing - Why Doesn't God Heal Everyone?

All Rights Reserved. Divine Healing. I agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy. The comment form collects your name, email and content to allow us keep track of the comments placed on the website. Please read and accept our website Terms and Privacy Policy to post a comment. Subscribe to receive the Latest Resources I agree to be emailed to confirm my subscription to this list. Sermon: The 3 kinds of prayer: Ask-Seek-Knock. The following are some of the numerous instances of divine, spiritual healing in the Bible.

The principle here is simple — faithful Abraham prayed , and God healed. Moses prayed for leprous Miriam, and God healed her. God honors and answers prayers for healing. I mentioned above how the Lord healed my wife's infertility. I must add that she and I and a number of others had been steadfastly praying for healing of that infertility. And God was faithful to answer! Serious illnesses can be emotionally devastating. Christians serve a healing Savior, Jesus Christ.

He preached and taught, yes. His healing touch is available to everyone. There is no illness beyond His ability to cure. He healed them all , including:. God had this in mind all along.

The prophet Isaiah spoke of it seven centuries before the New Testament era:. Our part is to reach out and touch Jesus for healing. Bring your sick ones to Jesus. Encourage them by faith to reach out and touch Him, because then, as now, all who touched Him were healed. Divine healing is quite appropriately called " faith healing"!

Divine Healing

I remember the late Kenneth Hagin saying that he had seen many healings in a noncharismatic, fundamental church early in his ministry. He said he simply preached "faith and healing" and people got healed! He understood that key: faith is an indispensible ingredient in divine healing. There may be times when the Lord will ask you to show your faith , to give observable evidence of your faith, as in the case of the man whom He told to stretch out his withered hand.

I wrote earlier how my wife Mickey, sincerely believing God for the healing of her infertility, felt faith to buy a roomful of nursery furniture. Not many months later, after six years of infertility, she found herself pregnant with the first of our four children.

What Does the Bible Say About Healing?

Over the years I have heard sincere Christians misdirect their faith. Our faith is in a Person, Jesus, who heals. Peter understood the proper object of our faith — Jesus! He told his listeners how the lame man had been healed:. This is a very reassuring verse. Notice that the lepers were not healed the moment they prayed. Although many healings in the Bible were instantaneous, some were not immediate. Believe God. Believe the healing promises of His word.

Andrew Murray - Divine Healing / Classic Christian Audio Books

His word is true How is it ministered to people? There is healing power in the spoken word of faith. Again, we see the power of the spoken word of faith. As the old saying goes, truer words were never spoken!

What does the Bible really say about healing?

Once more we see the healing power of the spoken word of faith. The preaching of the word of God inspired an atmosphere of faith. How did the lame man come to this place of having faith to be healed? The answer is that he heard the word of God spoken by Paul. This is a vitally important principle for all churches and all Christians. Preach the word. Teach the word. It doesn't require someone with a special healing ministry to heal the sick. It is important for those who are sick to understand that Jesus is able and willing to heal them.

The words of the Lord, as recorded in the Bible, are life-giving. One of the most inspiring CDs I have ever listened to was simply a collection of healing Scriptures read aloud by a pastor. I could feel the word of God building faith. But the best source of alternative health — or any aspect of health! Many churches continue to pray this way for sick family members and friends who live at a distance.

I endorse this practice wholeheartedly. Generally, during the post-service altar ministry someone will hold a handkerchief over which believers will come and pray for healing for the person in need. Then the handkerchief is mailed to the sick person, along with some faith-building scriptures on healing usually including Acts and an explanation that believers in the church had prayed for them for their healing.

Testimonies abound of people being physically healed in this way. Many years ago in a church in Anchorage, I was touched to see a medical doctor holding a prayer cloth on behalf of a sick person of his acquaintance.